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IA that speeds up your searches

Our algorithm is able to recognize search patterns or trends to provide answers in a faster and more agile way. Querying any legal issue will be extremely easy for you.

Security of your information

Your user data is encrypted and protected on our servers.

Reliable sources of information

We have collected, sectioned, organized, prioritized and stored the legal documents from various places, so the information you find in our application is official and reliable data.

Save time and money

At Justo Juez you can make from basic legal consultations to more complex processes for which you normally need an expert to guide you. Let Justo Juez be your legal advisor and get an immediate response.

Cloud Processing

Are you worried that having access to information from over a thousand legal documents might affect your phone's performance? Just Judge stores and processes it all in the cloud.

Digital Court

We are introducing a revolution in digital justice, a fully digitalized court service powered by artificial intelligence. Focusing on the legal areas of family, civil, commercial, inheritance, and criminal law, we have redefined access to justice, allowing you to resolve your legal matters with unparalleled efficiency.

Our sophisticated AI is designed to handle your legal cases in a detailed and accurate manner, eliminating the need for traditional legal assistance and the inconvenience of visiting physical courts. This transformative advancement in justice administration allows you to access direct and accessible legal solutions, no matter where you are.

Discover the new era of digital justice. Access a quick, efficient, and elegant conflict resolution, all from the comfort and privacy of your home. Our digital court service redefines efficiency, saves you time, and reduces the stress associated with conventional legal processes

Accessible to all

For people who do not have legal knowledge, it is a tool that helps them to understand and elaborate any legal document from a simple power of attorney, to a will, or even to incorporate a company; they can also verify if the work of their lawyers is the most appropriate since our platform follows up on any legal claim from the drafting of the initial brief to the judgment, appeal and amparo.

For legal professionals and lawyers it is a work tool that concentrates legal library, management and monitoring of files, legal bulletin consultations, preparation of lawsuits and legal briefs, agenda with legal activities alarm, such as presentation of evidence, court hearings, among others.

Law Library

Compilation of all legislation in Mexico, federal, state, municipal, jurisprudence, theses, court criteria, legal news and foreign legislation, international law, human rights, international treaties, among others.

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Justo Juez is committed and vibrates with the spirit of freedom, justice and the common good for all, however we are aware that in our country, without money there is no justice, so we have created a fund to help for prompt, honest and expeditious justice, where anyone who has no resources can come to us and we will take the process for free. And we will also financially support the legal process until its conclusion. Currently 90% of innocent people in jail is due to lack of resources to hire a good lawyer. 80% of legal cases are lost due to corruption. 99% of the people who do not denounce is because they do not want to spend time and money. We live in a society where injustice is neither surprising nor alarming, which is worrying because it is the reflection of a loss of human sensitivity to the pain of others and the needs of others, it is an involutive psychosocial process of spiritual character, which as an immediate consequence leads us irremediably to a simple set of individuals without social commitment, individuals without love.


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